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Mobility issues as they relate to the built environment are just a problem for the Elderly or wheelchair bound.

~1 in 250 children will be 
 diagnosed with Arthritis.

~ Musculoskeletal disorders 
affect men and women 
ages 18 to 64.

~ CTS is known to 
temporarily onset 
in pregnant women.

The definition of Access (Accessibility/Accessible) 
applies only to the 
abatement of barriers related to 
medical or physical impairment.

​We study how design and
traditional development
impacts short and long-term health, incorporating these 
findings into each project. 

Did you know...?
Mobility issues as they relate to the 
built environment are not limited to 
the Elderly or wheelchair-bound.

Easily approached or entered; 
Easily obtained;
of a possible world
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